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When a friend successfully subscribes through your referral link, you'll get 1 point. When you get enough points, you get FREE new tools for improving your English (pronunciation, listening, etc.). It's that easy!


What you get:

Earn 6 points to level up and receive:

  • ALL the definitions in the Learning Articles. Your English will take off as you learn many new slangs, cultural insights, and even movie & song references.
  • FULL listening & pronunciation exercises every time. Different days will have different practice speeds. You'll be surprised how much your pronunication & listening will improve in just a few minutes a day!

Ideas for inviting others:

  • Send your referral link to your groups in WeChat, email, WhatsApp, Line, etc.
  • Take a screenshot of your QR code and save it on your phone. Then when you tell your friends about it, they can just scan your QR picture to join.
  • Hire a sky plane to draw your QR code in the clouds.
  • Put the QR code on a class or work presentation and tell them to subscribe.
  • Post your referral link on social media tools like Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They'll love you so much they'll send you a young goat.

By the way:

  • You can trust us. We promise to never do sketchy things like selling your email address to some trolling third-party marketing company.
  • Your friend must accept your invitation for you to receive 1 point.
  • You can NOT invite a friend who is already subscribed to Upward Language Company.
  • Be sure to let your friends know that their email service companies may send our emails to their promotion, spam, or junk email box 垃圾邮箱.


Before you know it, you'll be an English Superstar! Why wait?