About Us

Thousands of English learners on 5 continents are learning with us.

Why? Because we help English learners like you achieve your goals and dreams.

How? By improving your English + teaching you how native speakers ACTUALLY communicate.

When you speak in your native language, do you sound like a textbook or news articles? Of course not!

Then you need to learn English that actually sounds real.

Why are we passionate about helping you succeed? Because some of us were like you - learning English as a second language. We know how hard it is to take your English to the next level. But we succeeded, went to Ivy League universities and worked in Fortune 250 companies. You can succeed too!

Our Values

We want to be an upstanding company known for being:

  • Authentic: We'll help you learn real English... because it's written by real native speakers!
  • Ethical: You can trust us. We'd never do sketchy things like selling your email address to some trolling third-party marketing company.
  • Good: We want to not only help you, but also support non-profits in making meaningful global impacts. For example, we were a part of helping an impoverished hospital obtain regular electricity for the first time EVER in a rural region of Sierra Lone, a country that ranks in the bottom 5% of the United Nations' Human Development Index.

Upward Improvement of Your English & Life

There's an ancient 7th century Chinese poem. The poet describes a tall tower near a mighty river. He concludes with (loosely translated): "If you desire to see even more magnificent views, you must climb up one more level."

As the poet noted, to achieve new heights - to find success - we must be willing to persevere!

Many English companies promise fast tricks to improving English in a ridiculously short amount of time. But research shows that true learning requires repeated natural interactions over time. You can get that by learning with us. Are you willing to study smart, make a commitment, and learn real English?

We can help. If you make the commitment to sign up and learn with us, then you can achieve those dreams!

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